vishuddha chakra

v . i . s . h . u . d . d . h . a . c . h . a . k . r . a .

The 5th CHAKRA center is seated in the THROAT and marks the beginning of the UPPER CHAKRAS. The top 3 chakras are related to qualities of AIR + SPACE as they relate to the NECK + HEAD.

The throat chakra is connected to the experience of HEARING and SPEAKING. In particular, it's connected to being able to ASSIMILATE information that you hear + to speak your AUTHENTIC truth and EXPRESS yourself well. The traditional of yoga is an ORAL tradition, which is passed down teacher to student. In that context, the ear + listening are the sacred instruments through which the knowledge is gained.

TENSION + HOLDING patterns in the head, neck, jaw, tongue and throat are super common and can lead to a lower functioning in the VISHUDDHA. Yogic practices address these commonly held points of tension, supporting release.

When we do PHYSICAL practice for the 5th chakra, we seek to open up the channels of energy in the neck, throat, + shoulders so that the NEURAL system can fire optimally. JALANDHARA bandha work helps to stimulate the ENDOCRINE system, thus regulating the subtle body. Additionally, open channels allow for maximal BLOOD + LYMPH to flow, supporting a healthy system.

Yogic PSYCHIC practices for the throat are chanting and listening, particularly to yourself in meditation.

To work with the THROAT chakra, you can address the delicate area of the head and neck through physical practice, pranayama, bandhas, chanting and meditation.