ajna chakra

a . j . n . a . c . h . a . k . r . a .


The 6th chakra in our upward moving journey is the AJNA chakra which sits directly in the center of the brain. In yogic practices, the 3rd Eye center is the seat of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. It is connected to the FUNCTION of the PITUITARY gland, which manages many bodily systems including appetite, metabolic function and temperature control.

As with the THROAT chakra, the THIRD EYE center is prone to tension and holding patterns. Tension is rife in the head and neck and as a result, the skull experiences strain and stress. How common is it for you to harden your jaw, clamp your teeth and furrow your brow? I have spent years working on undoing those patterns in my own head/neck.

PHYSICAL poses for the 6th chakras support the head and neck to increase the capacity for RELEASE + REST. With the head + neck easy and light, it's much easier to do the CONTEMPLATIVE practices of MEDITATION, MUDRA + PRANAYAMA. All roads lead to meditation this week.

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