Sequencing + Stick Figures  A Yoga Class Planning Workbook by Gabrielle Hopp

what's in the workbook?

Sequencing + Stick Figures is a class-planning manual, designed for yoga teachers or anyone who plans their classes or home practice. The workbook is completely interactive and progressive in its format. Work your way through the whole book and you will end up with better understanding of yoga postures and how to sequence them for effective and inspiring classes. Or maybe you'd just like to learn the art of the sticks! You can pick and choose from the information presented for lessons most pertinent to your practice. Included in the workbook are:

  • How to draw stick figures in yoga poses

  • How to incorporate props into your drawings and classes

  • How to understand body orientation in yoga asanas

  • How to draw over 60 poses with variations and props

  • Skillful sequencing ideas which will lead to meaningful and engaging classes

  • How to create full class-plans with stick figures and intelligent sequences

  • Understanding a peak-pose approach and how to get your students there


You! If you found yourself on this website, this book could be for you.

If you plan yoga classes, have a regular home practice, like to draw stick figures, want to improve your sequencing ability, like to use yoga props, are interested in the anatomy of movement or are looking for new and exciting additions to your asana practice, this workbook is likely for you.

If you are a studio owner and are looking for a fresh new yoga text to carry in your shop, this book is probably for you.

If you run a teacher training program and are looking for a sequencing or class-planning guide to add to the curriculum, this workbook is for you.