manipura chakra

m . a . n . i . p . u . r . a . c . h . a . k . r . a .


The 3rd chakra sits at the SOLAR PLEXUS and spans the space of respiratory diaphragm to the sacro-lumbar junction. Do I have your attention? The ORGANS of the fire center include (but are not limited to) diaphragm, kidneys/adrenals/ liver, gallbladder, stomach and the colon.

The element of the manipura is AGNI or fire. Physical practices for the MANIPURA chakra include core strengthening and organ toning, especially for organs that relate to digestion. These practices bring FIRE to the digestive capacity as they churn the belly and allow for freedom of movement between the organs. Just as you want your muscles to be spacious and loose, so it goes for the organs as well.

PSYCHICALLY, the manipura is the seat of POWER. When we work with the power center, we try to strike the appropriate balance between HUMILITY + PRIDE. Because of its connections to our sense of SELF, it can be strongly driven by the passions of SUCCESS and DESIRE. We can turn that fire into TAPAS to help drive us again and again to our personal practice.