svadhisthana chakra

As we move our way up the spine from the MULADHARA chakra, our next stop is the SVADHISTANA or the seat of the sacrum. The incredible SACRAL complex is the meeting point of the spine and the pelvis. The decompression of the sacral-lumbar confluence is one of the primary aims of HATHA yoga for our sitting culture.

The SVADHISTHANA chakra is a place of FLUIDITY. In the sacral zone of the pelvis, we have organs of reproduction and elimination, all of which need fluidity of movement for optimal functioning.

PHYSICALLY, as we COMPRESS + STABILIZE the sacrum, the inner leg opens and extends. As we BROADEN + SPREAD the sacrum, the inner leg FIRES + ENGAGES. This week we will work both scenarios to bring OPTIMAL health to this sacred bone structure and its corresponding organs.

PSYCHICALLY, the ability to have FLOW keeps us from rigidity of thoughts, feelings, opinions. But the flip side is that we must learn to HARNESS the constant flow of thoughts to CALM the CHURNING waters of the heart-mind.