Presence + Absence

No matter whether you're practicing on your mat, sitting on your cushion or just doing your life, there is always a fine line to walk between PRESENCE + ABSENCE. In meditative practices, we are continuously asking the mind to come back to NOW. Be here now, we say. And now. And now.

The practice of AWARENESS, much like any other practice, will have periods of non-awareness. And those are important too! Moments of lapse in practice, in meditation, in concentration can teach us to ENJOY and APPRECIATE the small blips that we do get of PRESENCE.

For me, there is a certain relief in knowing + accepting that I won't always be present. I will certainly continue to try, and try again, and try again. The more I can try to be HERE, NOW, the more I can take in all the aspects of life. That way it doesn't just slip right by without me ever having noticed.