Change is Inevitable

Ch-ch-ch CHANGES.

The sanskrit word for change is PARINAMA. Change is inevitable. Seriously. Everything that ever was, ever is and ever will be will transform from its current iteration. Sometimes we view the transformation is positive, sometimes we see changes as negative.

But let's all agree that we cannot stop them. It's much better to pull up the sails and ride the wave of change to its natural end.

The sanskrit word TAPAS means practice which creates positive change. The more often you come to your mat or cushion, the more likely you are to come again tomorrow and the next day. And (duh!) the more effort you put in, the more dedication you have, the greater the transformation will be. You're in charge!

I love a good internal dialogue. And damned if changes in life don't rustle up the VRTTIS to get the mind awhirling. That's why I need meditation and yoga! To meet the inevitable changes in life with a calm, abiding heart-mind.