poses as lessons, not goals

Initially in my yoga practice, I was very strong driven by the desire to "achieve" poses. As though a pose was something I could conquer and move on to the next thing. After several years of practicing in this way, I came to realize that you never actually "own" a pose. You might be able to do it for years and then something changes in your body or your practice and it no longer belongs to you.

Also, I must say that I find commercialized yoga practice to overly emphasize achievement and posture. I don't think you can separate your bodily practice from your mind/breath/moral practices and have them make the same impact on your life. If yoga is truly going to work for us, we have to be willing to put in work in all the areas or "limbs" of practice.

In other words, there is no instant gratification here. We can work on postures without them being the end goal. There are many lessons to be learned along the way. Patience, detachment and kindness toward your body, to name a few.

SUPTA VIRASANA is one of those poses that requires a whole lot of practice and much cultivation of patience. This is not an instantly gratifying pose. But through our continued effort and the generous use of PROPS and BREATH, it might just be worth the wait.

2017-11-14 10.22.45.jpg

Psoas Opening with the Craniosacral Rhythm

I made a new video with a 15 minute sequence for opening up the psoas muscle.

Psoas major and minor
This is an integral practice to backbending, and this sequence could lead you up to a bigger backbend. Be sure to try it with the craniosacral breath work--I think it makes a huge difference in terms of opening.
I ran out of time before I could complete the second side of ardha virasana. Do the second side in the same way as the first and then you will be primed for a backbend. Try setu bandhasana or danurasana first and maybe by the third set you'll be ready for urdva danurasana or full virasana.
Happy practice!

Click here for the video:
Psoas Sequence

P.S. This video was shot in the lovely Yoga Garden space. Come by and check it out!