India Part 2 or Yoga Therapy

I have just completed the first two modules of the Svastha Yoga Therapy program. It's directed by Dr. Ganesh Mohan in conjunction with a German orthopedic surgeon and yoga instructor. Ganesh is a trained medical and ayurvedic doctor. His parents Indra and Dr. AG started teaching yoga in the 1970s when AG was a student of Krishnamacharya. You know, that guy? Kind of a famous dude. So, anyway, they are legit.

Both modules were focused on the musculoskeletal system--the first mainly on the lower spine with some emphasis on the lower limbs and the second on the upper spine, neck and shoulders. It was completely awesome.

And about two days in, I realized....this could be a career! Not a "I'm a yoga teacher but I have to have 4 other jobs to pay my bills" but a seriosly real job. And then I remembered! Holy shit. I have a degree in music therapy and I could have a "degree" in yoga therapy. Only five more modules to go.

So that's the plan. Become a yoga therapist. Become a music therapist (via the yoga tradition with a harmonium and all). Help people get better. Sounds like a plan to me.

The Craniosacral Rhythm

Here's a short video on a new technique I've been working with. Why oh why am I stuck in this horrifying half eyes closed shot?

My dad Dennis is a physical therapist and has been developing this movement pattern over the past couple years. I've only been putting it into my practice for about a month, but the connection to the bandhas (yogic locks) is incredible.

As you will see, the most important part of this work (as with a yoga practice) is to completely connect the movements with your breath. Also, keep in mind that this way of moving can feel counter-intuitive at first, but the more you work with it, the more natural it will begin to feel. As my dad would say, "breathe when you tilt and tilt when you breathe!"
There is an anterior tilt to the pelvis which connects to an inhale breath--in other words, make a motion as though you are going to arch your spine and stick out your booty. Do that subtly, but focus on drawing your diaphragm downwards. As you exhale, you'll draw the pubic bone toward your face and tuck the pelvis. As you do so, draw the low belly, about an inch below the belly button, back and up toward your spine. 

You can do this work anytime, not just in your yoga practice. Try fitting it into your downtime throughout the day, such as when you're stopped at a red light or sitting at your desk daydreaming. Also begin to work it into your time on the mat. I will be offering several more videos to come with more specific ways to find the connection.

My time cut off before I could say Namaste... Namaste, ya'll!

The Craniosacral Rhythm