These are 3 ways to define the 5th YAMA, APARIGRAHA. Is it quite possibly the hardest restraint of all? We humans love for things to stay just as they are. As long as they're good, that is. Change is super freaky. So freaky, in fact, that it's less scary to just hang with what's happening now, then to accept whatever might happen in the future. 

Yoga postures are pretty much constantly changing. Sometimes they're evolving into deeper iterations. Sometimes they're devolving into less depth. Sometimes the nature of them is changing all together -- perhaps they shift from flexibility work into strengthening work. Or from physical to meditative. 

For me the journey of the hamstrings and split-legged postures in particular have been an epic, winding and sometimes frustrating pathway. It could be so easy for me to think, "I used to be able to do the full splits! (cling, grasp)." Instead I spend my time in hamstring openers breathing, checking my alignment, softening, trying to detach. And ultimately, if I can't do the splits ever again, am I still a yogi? Of course I am! You're not a yogi because of your ability to do a pose. You're a yogi in the way you handle how the pose goes.

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