Working with Impermanence through Balancing Postures

Nothing in this lifetime is permanent. But we get into mental/emotional trouble when we think that it is. The interplay of the GUNAS suggest that change is constant and part of our work in the path toward CONTENTMENT is accepting the natural FLUX. We can prepare ourselves for inevitable CHANGE by seeing all of life's offerings as IMPERMANENT.

You know what else is fleeting + impermanent? BALANCING postures. I find balancing asanas SO. FREAKING. CHALLENGING. The interplay of all the bones, muscles, connective tissues, breath, point of concentration makes these poses so BEAUTIFUL in the moment of pause and so DIFFICULT in the wavering wildness of imbalance.

But it's all worth it. To practice ACCEPTANCE of the IMPERMANENCE of these set of postures sets the stage for our greater work out in the world.

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