It's Called Gratitude, and That's Right

I find myself, at this current juncture, with an extremely full plate. I'll spare you the details, but surely you've been there too or are there now or are maybe on your way in. It's sort of fascinating to watch everything pile on and see how you rise to the challenge.

Anyway, that's not the point of this post. My point is around GRATITUDE for practice. As I come to realize that things are never going to be less fast or less full, I see more + more the NEED that my daily practice fills. It's totally a REFUGE. It's mine alone, it's 100% for me (well, and probably a little bit for those around me), it's SACRED.

This morning as I moved through ASANA + meditation I just felt so dang GRATEFUL for my healthy body, for my ability to calm my heart/mind, for my ever-present BREATH. It just feels so good. So natural. So NECESSARY.

Why do you practice? What does your yoga do for you?

2018-01-16 09.59.06.jpg