Knowledge is Power

I am working on completing my final requirements for my 500-hour certification. One of the requirements is a fairly lengthy and comprehensive written test which I have been dreading and putting off for months. Okay, half a year.

Last week I finally got down to business and dove into the test. Turns out it wasn't so bad-- challenging, sure, but actually quite enjoyable. It gave me the opportunity to really look at and consider how much I've learned and integrated in my path of yoga. There are so many components to the journey of practicing + teaching -- anatomy, breathing, alignment, flow of energy, philosophy, mythology, chanting, meditation -- and every part of it is equally fascinating and important.

When you consider your own progress on the path, what do you see? Sometimes it doesn't seem like we are moving forward or improving until we actually look at where we started. The acquisition of knowledge is ongoing and without end. I expect to look back in five/ten/twenty more years with even more appreciation for the time + effort that I've put into living as a yogi.

2017-09-26 10.09.27.jpg