sahasrara chakra

s . a . h . a . s . r . a . r . a . c . h . a . k . r . a .


This is the final week of my in-depth exploration of teaching CHAKRAS in the classroom setting. It has been extremely useful for me to grow my understanding and internalize physical, meditative and subtle body practices for each. I am so grateful to Tias Little for sharing his boundless knowledge with me. And grateful that I took the time to dive in to a personal understanding that I could then share with YOU.

In the CROWN chakra practices, the spine is KING. Axial extension of the spine encourages an open central line of the body (the SUSHUMNA). When the central channel is WIDE OPEN then breath, neural firings and energetic movement can flow unimpeded.

PHYSICAL practices for SAHASRARA move toward TADASANA. Aligning the crown with the tail and lengthening -- no matter the pose you're in. Poses on the MIDLINE are particularly useful to study this work.

PSYCHICALLY, the CROWN chakra supports connectivity with PRANA (life force). As we open the central channel, the winds of prana can disperse from the center to the periphery, encouraging a connection to SPACE and EXPANSION. By moving into this expansive awareness, we can begin to see ourselves as INTERCONNECTED and INTERDEPENDENT with everything.

What an AMAZING practice this is!

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