muladhara chakra

m . u . l . a . d . h . a . r . a . c . h . a . k . r . a .

I just spent last week studying the Anatomy of the Chakras with my teacher Tias. With my new understanding and connections, I am planning to offer an exploration of the chakras over the next several weeks. The CHAKRAS are theoretical and esoteric but can also have very PRACTICAL implications for our personal practice and the way we move through the world.

One of the ways that our yoga practice can be an antidote to modern life is that it provides us the opportunity to ROOT and SETTLE. I don't know about you, but I find modernity fast, chaotic and sometimes unsettling. My yoga practice helps me to find the quality of STABILITY and GROUND when my energy gets upended.

The MULADHARA chakra is about creating the sense of STABILITY and SUPPORT for our basic human needs. The ASANA practices that correspond to the ROOT chakra will create support + stability around the pelvic floor, legs and core. Also, staying relatively low to the ground will help to connect with EARTH element. To really root, try strong standing postures and grounded forward folds!