What is Progress?

There are a few "big" peak poses that I repeat several times a year. But most of the other poses come around about once or twice a year. For me, this provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on my progress. How is my body different from last year? How does this type of practice feel in my current body? How attached am I to the outcome of practicing this pose?

This year, my poses look a lot different than last year. Often times, we expect PROGRESS to be linear. To be clear and obvious and visible. But, that's just not the case with my yoga work these days. My FLEXIBILITY has actually decreased. I have tightness in new areas which make my poses look "less good."

HOWEVER.....most of my asana work has been geared toward strengthening. And I feel WAY more strong, supported and stable. Which means that I actually AM making progress in my ASANA work, even if it isn't outwardly apparent. And, truly, how FLEXIBLE do I actually need to be? I'm never going to be in Cirque de Soleil, so I'm probably all set right where I'm at.

The splits?--nah. Let behind my head? --probs not.

But, an equal balance of suppleness and strength? YES PLEASE.