Digging into the Sangha

Honestly, it feels odd to be posting a yoga photo amidst all the political turmoil. Part of me feels that my efforts should be directed toward a strong and loud stance. And the other part of me feels that my duty in this difficult time is to dig in deep and do what I do best; which is to practice and teach the art of yoga.

In my yogic practice and teachings, I try to embrace the full spectrum of humanity. Life is full of challenges and suffering and injustice. It always has been and it always will be. But there is great joy to be felt too, and we feel that joy most deeply and intimately in our human interactions.

Yoga can teach us to be BETTER HUMANS. Yoga teaches me to be understanding, accepting, patient, kind, contemplative, a listener, and inclusive of all beings. Yoga teaches me that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE is having a human experience in which they are seeking joy and contentment. EVERYONE EVERYWHERE wants freedom from suffering.

All that I can offer in this time of challenge is my DHARMA, my path as a yogi. I feel in the deepest depths of my heart and soul that this is my path, and it's my duty to share it with the world and with you.
If you join me on the mat this week, you'll be joining in a community, a SANGHA of people who are all seeking freedom from suffering. We can be together in practice to feel, sense, breath, move, settle and embrace our humanity.