Compassion and Connection

"When we maintain a close connection to the earth, to humility, to our humanness, we remain connected and compassionate toward others. Connection and compassion are essential qualities for leading a well-balanced and well-adjusted human life."

--Alanna Kaivalya from Sacred Sound--

The practices of compassion and acceptance begin on the mat. Working with your own mental + physical challenges regularly provides us an opportunity for deeper practice. I think it's much harder to have compassion for the limits of my body and mind + scale back accordingly, than it is to push too hard and compare myself to others. Thank god for practice!

We are bound to come up against limits. It's the nature of being. I am deeply limited in my FORWARD FOLDING work as I nurse hamstring injuries. This is MY week to accept my humanity, to practice compassion towards me. This is the time when I dig-deep into my well of acceptance and AHIMSA (non-harming). And through the cultivation of compassion toward the self, we can begin to turn it around and shine it outward. Compassion and connection starts with you.