As I (quite) regularly discuss in my yoga postings, yogic practices are all about finding the middle ground. We are generally looking to BALANCE all aspects of our practice in body, breath + mind. For all the strengthening work that we do, it's equally important that we stay flexible and open too.

Practice for the PELVIS can (and should!) incorporate both releasing + engaging work. HIPS are usually super tight from excess sitting, but also can be weak potentially contributing to lower back and knee pain. Like most structures in the body, we want the pelvis to be STRONG + FLEXIBLE.

There are 2 CHAKRAS in the pelvic region. The MULADHARA chakra is our ROOT chakra -- related to our sense of stability and groundedness. The SVADHISTHANA is the SACRAL chakra correlating with fluidity and our ability to adapt. Both spaces have the potential for practices which create opening and those which create toning.

Our MULADHARA work can hone in on GATHERING + ENGAGING, while our SVADHISTANA focus can involve SPREADING + LIBERATING. Balanced work feels best in the end.